LTS Cameras

LTS is a U.S. provider of technology products and video solutions with local advantages. We deliver industry’s leading OEM, ODM, and value-added services in video surveillance equipment and its full product line. With knowledgeable consultants, LTS helps installers, integrators, and security professionals drive informed purchasing decisions and succeed in the markets they serve.


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New Technology Cameras

In addition, security professionals can even purchase hi-tech “Thermal,” “Darkfighter,” and “PanoVu” cameras through LTS. These are built for more specialty markets in which many system installers and integrators have a big interest in.

Thermal imaging camera systems are built for complete darkness in challenging environments. SmartArt thermal imaging cameras can detect heat from people, vehicles and other sources. Security professionals will find these cameras well-suited for perimeter protection outdoors and critical infrastructures. The cameras also offer video analytics and clear and stable images.

Cameras with Darkfighter technology use a large sensor and a backside illuminated sensor pixel structure to improve light usage in dark areas. The self-adaptive image signal processing mimics the way the human eye adjusts to low illumination showing details in the dark.

Nothing is left unseen with the PanoVu Multi-Imager camera, as it surveils the larger picture with 180-or 360-degree panoramic views of open areas, traffic circles, intersections to protect the public with minimal infrastructure impact. Users can zoom-in for specific details of target areas utilizing integrated PTZ cameras with 3D positioning capabilities.